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Snap! Another moment of your life saved, and transformed into an absolutely marvelous photograph in which you can preserve the memory forever! Isn’t photography just great?! Photography is my passion since it’s an amazing way to capture an event you have experienced and loved and even represent yourself.
How can a person represent him/herself with a simple photograph? Well, to begin with, even though you might not believe it a photograph may perfectly show your likes, dislikes, and even opinions! There is a plethora of things and scenes that a person can take pictures of, and trust me-it’s extremely entertaining!
I sincerely enjoy photography due to the fact that it’s an easy and amusing hobby that I can perform in my spare time. It’s kind of like a way of relaxation mode. In my case, I mostly like to take pictures of plain objects from different and random angles. For example, I might take a picture of just an empty living room with a chair in the middle of it. Very plain, right? But trust me, the simplicity and emptiness of that very photograph may help you understand so many things, even emotions.
Of course, you might thing this is crazy and doesn’t make any sense. I mean, how can a photograph show you so many things?! Believe me, once you get into it, and keep on practicing-voila! You will start comprehending much more than you did before. I don’t think I can ever replace photography with another interest. Why? Certainly because of its vivid details and true BEAUTY, right?