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Everybody has this certain thing that fascinates them, and becomes a type of a hobby. There are millions of different interests a person can have, and I’m absolutely sure that even you have a thing or two that you are truly interested in. Well in this case, my major interest is computers. Everything that has to do with computers-programming, coding, web design, and such, attracts me like an awfully strong magnet. Now, you might wonder why computers captivate my attention so powerfully, and trust me, I can give you so many reasons, and blab about them forever, but you will probably get tired of hearing it all anyway. This is why I’ll just share a bit. To begin with, computers are of great interest to me, due to the fact that I actually enjoy working with them. Doing anything with software, programming, etc. simply amuses me, rather than bore me to death. Moreover, I sure am good with computers. After all, I am studying for a computer related career, aren’t I? I’m definitely not saying that I’m the best with computer related deeds-I’m just saying that I have a very acceptable amount of knowledge about them. Still wondering why I’m so interested in computers? Plain and simple: It’s FUN and USEFUL. Two very important things, combined in one! Accurate statistics show that 9 our of every 10 people use a computer for various purposes-whether it will be communication, work, and even homework help. In other words, computers are kind of like saviors nowadays, aren’t they? Anyway, I dearly hope that by now, you understand my computer-obsession.