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Here are a list of 10 of the Original Care Bears.

bedtime Name: Bedtime Bear
Gender: Male
Tummy Symbol:  moon
Info: Bedtime Bear likes to stay up all night. He's the special bear who helps people get a good night's sleep and makes sure they have sweet dreams. There's no better bear for a goodnight hug.

birthday Name: Birthday Bear
Gender: Male
Tummy Symbol:cake
Info: Have a birthday coming up? Well Birthday Bear is just the care bear to get the party started. Birthday Bear is quite the party bear!

cheer Name: Cheer Bear
Gender: Female
Tummy Symbol:rainbow
Info: Cheer Bear is a very happy Care Bear who likes to help others see the bright side of life. She will sometimes even do a cheer to help make someone happier.

friend Name: Friend Bear
Gender: Female
Tummy Symbol:flowers
Info: Need a good friend? Friend Bear would love to be your best buddy bear. She's the perfect example of a friend, too. She's caring, likes to play with you and she's fun to be with.

funshine Name: Funshine Bear
Gender: Male
Tummy Symbol:sun
Info: Funshine Bear is the Care Bear's class clown. This playful bear really knows how to be funny and to have fun. Funshine Bear works hard to make sure that people have a good time.

goodluck Name: Good Luck Bear
Gender: Male
Tummy Symbol:luck
Info: Good Luck Bear is loaded with luck and he loves to share it with anyone who can use a little more good fortune. You'll almost always find this bear with a big smile on his face.

grumpy Name: Grumpy Bear
Gender: Male
Tummy Symbol:cloud
Info: Grumpy Bear frowns a lot—that's his way to show us how silly we look when we frown too much. He also shows that it's okay to be grumpy sometimes.

lovealot Name: Love-a-Lot Bear
Gender: Female
Tummy Symbol:hearts
Info: Love-a-lot Bear believes in the power of love, but is not afraid to help it along. She's a pretty and perky bear who loves everything about love and tries to make it grow wherever she goes.

tenderbear Name: Tenderheart Bear
Gender: Male
Tummy Symbol:tenderheart
Info: Tenderheart is a loving and lovable bear who knows lots about helping others share their feelings. By helping people show they care, Tenderheart Bear helps spread love and make it grow.


Name: Wish Bear
Gender: Female
Tummy Symbol:star
Info: Wish Bear loves making wishes and believes that everybody should make a wish even though it might not come true. Sometimes though Wish Bear can magically make a wish come true, but not always. It's still fun to make a wish even though it might not come true.

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